Car donation

Do you have an old car that you dont care too much about and would like to help your favorite charity? Then this solution could be beneficial for all. Charitable agencies accept often vehicles.

To donate often gives a good and clean mental condition but one can as well be rewarded with tax deduction from such. There is no limit of how many charities there are out there who would accept your car donation. As mentioned, car donation to charities will have a financial benefit. This will come with tax deduction. The amount of it depends on your personal situation along with the value of the non profit car donation in actual dollars, based on the appraisal, usually it is a huge amount.

Why do non profit agencies accept cars as donations?

To help people who might have lost their house and car in a nature disaster.

Helping agencies create their fleets. Donations can help a food bank deliver nourishment towards the hungry, aid secondary emergency reply or crisis teams appear on a scene and so on.

* Financial benefits. Some Som resale the vehicles to gain profit.

While for you it appears as a small price, for many nonprofit agencies this can be a great income. Consider the return of the charity and decide after that.

Things to Keep in Mind before Donating a Car

You may have an old car that is taking up unwanted space in your garage, and it may be postponing your decision to buy a new vehicle. If you are wondering what to do with your car, let us acquaint you with the concept of Car Donation. Car Donation entails donating your old vehicle to a charitable institution. It not only helps the charity, but also helps you to write off your taxes. There are certain processes that you need to undergo after giving the car away to charity in order to be eligible for tax deduction. This includes getting a written acknowledgement of the car is sale by the concerned charity. Apart from these legal processes, there are things that you should keep in mind before donating your car � Find out about the Charity. There are various charities that accept car donations. However, not all charities and non-profits are the same. To begin with, you should check the purpose, mission, and vision of the non-profit / charity. You will be happier giving away the vehicle to a non-profit that works for a cause that you support. Also, check whether the non-profit is a tax-exempt organization or not, because you may want to reconsider if it is not one. Thirdly, you should check where the money resulting from your car sales will go to. Checking these things will provide you with a psychological positivity that not only are your actions noble, but the resulting use of your vehicle is good too.

Check for Exceptions

There are charities / non-profits that accept only certain types of vehicles. For example, some may accept only a car, whereas others may accept an RV as well. Be clear that the vehicle you wish to donate is being accepted by the organizations you wish to donate to. By giving away a vehicle that you no longer need, you can free up a lot of space, and make way for your new vehicle. Apart from the obvious, you are also helping disadvantaged people who may be in need of either the vehicles, or the money that is generated from the sale of the vehicles. At times, the entire vehicle is sold if it is in a good condition; at other times, the spare parts may be sold individually to raise enough money. In case you are planning to donate your vehicle, kindly contact us. We will help make the process hassle-free for you and clear any queries.

Tips to avoid Car donation scams and get the Tax deduction

As good humans, we love to give to those who are in need and don’t have enough resources. Giving back to society feels good especially when it comes with the Tax benefits. Donating your car for Tax deduction seems like an amazing concept. The charity gets the car or money by selling the car, and you get the Tax deduction. Everyone is happy in the end, but this can be turned into a nightmare if you haven’t done proper research before donating your car.

Most of the time, people assume that a non-profit organization is also a charitable one. But for tax purpose, the law has classified charity and non-profit organization differently according to its cause and organizational structure.
For being a charitable organization, it must be registered with the IRS for the section of the law applies to it. For example, charities related to religious groups and other humanitarian causes like working for education, recovery from natural disasters fall under section 501-C(3). Such organizations can receive Tax deductible donations. Not every section allows these deductions. For example, social welfare and civic organizations fall under section 501-C (4) and you won’t get any Tax deduction for donating your valuable assets here.

However, if the charity is working with 90 percent war vet membership and volunteer fire departments, these are considered as qualified charitable organizations for car donation and Tax deduction. You may get confused with these sections but keeping in mind which applies to law and which isn’t is a very important step to qualify for the claim. It is always better than you should ask upfront about the organization’s status with IRS, or else you may have to regret later.

It is also advisable to ask some questions to the charity: Like, if the charity sells the car, how much of the auction price will go to the charity itself? Do the charity ask you to leave the new owner title on the form blank, as you may have some liability risks if you choose to do so.

Now you have determined the charity, the next step is to make an appointment with them to pick up your vehicle. You can call at their number or send them an email. Usually, the organizations come back to you within 2 to 4 days to make the arrangements. You can also drive your vehicle to the charity itself. It will make sure that only the charity you are giving is getting the vehicle. Try to avoid scams by using any intermediary non-profit organization who promises to do everything on your behalf.

In the end, when you claim for the Tax deduction, IRS wants proof of every donation you make big or small. You can’t claim for a Tax deduction if you don’t have any receipt or document to prove that you have donated your car. Fill in the form 8232 with care and you should never leave any field blank, especially the title of the new owner. It should clearly mention that you are donating your car to a charity and transferring your ownership rights of the vehicle.
Hope this would help you to get your car donation made scam-free and easy. If you have other tips, or already have donated your car, we would love to hear your experiences. 



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