About a tax advice that isnt always worth doing a charity.

You have probably heard in the radio or TV about donating a car to get a tax deduction. Some can even offer real cash. You will though be required to deduct the retail valuye of the trip, even if you dont use it, and the amount of money you get. Sometimes the deduction thereby becomes worth almost nothing.

Donating a car sounds great but for many people it just isnt worth so much. Alternatives to donating your car is listed below:

Trade-in. Sell your car to dealers. Use the money for charity instead for a monetary donation instead.

Whether you sell, donate, or give away the car, be absolutely sure that the title has been transferred via your state’s department of motor vehicles. If it’s not transferred, you could end up with someone else’s traffic or parking violations on your driving record.

If you still want to donate your car, keep these things in mind:

Your donation might not be worth anything. You may only deduct the real value of the car.

You will not get a deduction until the car is sold by the charity.

You risk becoming audited. Be sure you have paper and photoes of the car saying it works and is does not need any repair.

Get solid advice from your tax professional.

Can you donate a vehicle that doesn’t run?

Every vehicle has a different lifecycle – some run smoothly for a decade, whereas others start giving problems after 5-6 years. Whatever be the case, if a vehicle is past its time, then it doesn’t make much sense to spend on repairs. Even if it gets fixed, the cost of repairs would be ginormous, and wouldn’t be worth it.

In such cases, what is the best option out? Well, you can’t sell the vehicle because no one will be willing to buy a car that doesn’t run. If you let it rust inside your garage, it will just occupy some space and postpone your decision of buying a new vehicle due to dearth of space. Lastly, if you plan to give it away to a scrap dealer, the cost would hardly be worth it, and on top of that, you may have to incur the cost of getting it towed away.

A great option, under such circumstances, would be to donate your car to charity. Donating a vehicle has various benefits. Firstly, the charity may be able to dismantle the vehicle right down to the nuts and bolts, and still be able to extract some value out of it. Further, you will be able to gain some benefits from this deal too.

Firstly, you will be able to get rid of your vehicle that’s lying unnecessarily in your garage. Secondly, you will receive tax deduction as well! For example, if you fall under the 30% tax bracket and if your allowable deduction is $2000, then you will save $600 in taxes. Thus, donating a vehicle can reduce your federal taxes. Another way to go about the same may also be to sell your vehicle, and then donate the proceeds to charity. However, you will have to undertake the hassles of finding a good dealer who is willing to take your vehicle and will have to hope that he gives you the right price for it. The charity can benefit greatly from this. They will be able to sell your vehicle, or the individual spare parts, and raise some money that will allow them to continue with their noble deeds. Before donating to a charity, you must read about the reviews of the same online. For example, a particular charity in USA received 400,000 vehicles, but was rated D by an NGO watch dog, because they gave only 50% of the proceeds to charity. You can contact us if you want to find out anything about donating vehicles to charity. We will help answer your queries.


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