Question and answers about car donation for tax deduction.

Can I claim a tax deduction on my car donation to most charity agencies?

They accept almost all vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats, snowmobiles, farm equipment, construction equipment and airplanes.

"The process is easy and simple and I even qualified for a tax deduction!"
— Eric B., Providence, RI

How much can I deduct?
As soon as the vehicle is sold, the selling price becomes the size of your donation.

If your vehicle sells for more than $800, you may deduct the $ 800 price.

How do I figure out the value of my car?
There are many websites that can help you find the value of your car.

What documentation will I receive for my tax return?
Within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle, charity agencies will send you a receipt. This will include:

Year, make, model and vehicle ID number info.
The gross selling price of the vehicle, if it sold for greater than $500.
A statement that no goods or services were received in return.

Where can I get more information?
Search in google for more info.

Is Car Donation a financially sound decision?

The concept of car donation has been picking up greatly. People are increasingly turning to it as a means of tax deductions. Undeniably, financial reward is one of the biggest considerations while deciding to part with a vehicle – the financial gains of selling a vehicle, versus the amount of money you will save in taxes when giving it away to a charity. Since the answer to these questions may vary depending upon the situation, it is important to consider all the facets of selling verses keeping versus donating. When is it a right decision to donate, and when is it a good decision to sell? Let’s check it out –

Selling – Selling a vehicle may be a good option to encash the value of your car, but it may incur certain direct and indirect costs, such as finding the right dealer, getting the car repaired in order to enhance its value before sale etc. Also, if your vehicle is not in a good condition, then you can’t even expect a lot of money while selling it.

Retaining – Retaining the vehicle will make you shell out the regular costs associated with owning a car, such as maintenance, insurance, regular repairs etc.

Donating – Donating the vehicle will not get you any cash, but it will make you eligible for a tax deduction. So instead of earning money, you will be saving some money that you would have to part with while filing your tax returns.

Selling versus Tax Deduction

Now coming to earning money by selling your vehicle versus getting tax deductions on it, there are a lot of things you should consider.

Vehicle’s Resale Value – When it comes to selling your vehicle, you need to consider what is the model, the year of manufacturing, miles driven, and the overall condition. These things will determine your vehicle’s resale value. If you think you will be getting a handsome amount for the same, it may make sense to sell the same.

Donating for tax deduction – When you donate a vehicle, the charity usually puts up for auction.

Since people bidding at the auction are aware that the vehicle’s sale proceeds will go for a good cause, your car’s apparent condition may be overlooked to a certain degree. Thus, there is always a chance that it will fetch more money than it may if you would have sold it to any dealer. And the amount for which the vehicle gets sold is what determines how much tax you will be able to save! A lot of times, donating for tax deduction may make a great deal of sense over keeping or selling the vehicle. For more on car donation read here.

Everything you need to know about charity organization for Tax deduction

Unlike clothes and other household items, donating a car is relatively a new concept. Not many people know about it, and even if they know, they assume that car donation is a complicated process, which isn’t true. With the right information and help the whole process of donating cars for getting Tax benefits can be made really easy. The more information you have about the rules and the process, the better decision you will make about where to donate your car.

If you want to donate your car out of courtesy and don’t care about the taxes, then any charity would work for you. Just donate and leave the rest on the organization. But if you are looking for tax benefits while making the difference for the cause you care, you need to be prepared.

Donating your car for Tax deduction comes with a risk of giving away your car to the wrong charity. By wrong I meant, a charity which is not qualified to get you a Tax deduction. So what is a qualified charitable organization?
According to U.S Treasury, a qualified charitable organization is a non-profit organization that qualifies for Tax-exempt status. Most of these are related to religious, educational reforms, or animal rights, or the development of amateur sports. If you donate your car to a charity that is not worthy, you won’t get any Tax benefits. For example, political contributions are not considered as Tax deductible. These organizations are required to pay taxes.

IRS Section 501C-3 is an Internal Revenue code for nonprofit organizations that have been approved for Tax-exempt purposes. The U.S has incorporated section 501c into its tax laws to evaluate the status of the nonprofit organization’s exemption from federal income tax.

There are two types of 501C-3 charities: public charity and private charity. A public charity is a non-profit organization that receives a significant amount of its income from the government. At least one-third of its income must be received from the donations of the general public in order to sustain the status of a public charity by IRS standard. If you donate your car to such organization you get qualified for certain Tax deductions that the IRS provides for you.

Once you determine the charity’s status with the IRS, it is always advisable to ask a few questions to them regarding the car donation process. Like, will they charge you anything if you ask them to pick up your car, or how they will use your car? Will they sell it in an auction or give to a local car dealer for flat amount? Usually, charities get as low as $45 per car from car dealers.

Lots of people have been donating their cars for Tax deductions to charities now. You can ask from your friends or family if anyone has donated a car recently and how was their experience with a particular charity organization. You can also search online and read reviews about the charity you want to donate to avoid any scam or confusions in the future.


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